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Yash & Anju's Beautiful Punjabi Indian 

Wedding at the San Jose Guwarda

Being a wedding photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area means I am privileged to photograph a large variety of weddings and the beautiful cultures that comes with it. Indian weddings are one of my favorites!

The one unique thing about photographing Indian weddings, I've found, is that because they are almost a week long I really get to know my couple and their families very well. After a week-long celebration of intimacy and celebration I find myself really missing them and their wonderful families. I enjoy my time with them, documenting their lives, their joy, their personalities, and telling these stories for them. I look back at Yash and Anju’s wedding, and can’t help but feel I was treated with respect, love, was well fed and cared for, as if I was a member of their family. Not just by the couple, but their siblings, their parents and grandparents, and extended family. I love what I do. I don't just take photographs. I get to share peoples lives with them. These families gave me so much more than a smile and a hand shake. They gave me their love and trust, and that brings me joy.